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Securely conduct your transactions with a debit card, checks, or our online services. 



All members are provided with a savings account upon becoming members, with a initial deposit of $5. 

               Rates:              $0-$499                             .00%

                                $500-$2,499                             .20%

                             $2,500-$4,999                             .30%

                           $5,000-$14,999                             .40%

                         $15,000-$24,999                             .50%

                                      $25,000+                             .60%

Also available are Summer Savings Clubs and Christmas Savings Clubs. Deposit money throughout the year and cash out when you're ready to spend, earning 0.60% APY.

Certificates of Deposit

Our CDs are a safe and dependable money-earner that our members enjoy. We offer a variety of term lengths, as well as limited time specials.

                           6 Months                             1.90%

                         12 Months                             2.50%

                         18 Months                             3.00%              


Apply Today

Low cost, competitive loans are available to members for worthwhile purposes:

-Auto loans
-RV, Boat, ATV, etc.
-Signature loans
-Credit Building loans


Credit life and credit disability insurance available on most loans.  Mechanical Breakdown Extended coverage and GAP Plus ADR Loan Protection Coverage also available.  
Low-cost coverages so you can Protect Your Investment!


Check out our mortgage partnerships!

                     Servion Mortgage

Additional Benefits to Members


-Free $1,000 Accidental Death and Disability Policy provided by CUNA Mutual by filling out enrollment
-Federally insured deposits
-Payroll deductions when approved by employer
-Family and lifetime memberships
-Free notary service

FREE Online Banking and Mobile App

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